What is The RENEW Community?

You gain access to a network of growth-driven connectors, and cutting edge strategies that guide you in curating & living the life you were meant to life. We help you map out personal, professional and financial goals and intentions - and guide you in implementing new strategies to ensure success. Proven strategies, used by top performers and leaders in every industry. 

Our robust member network, summit speakers, mastermind leaders, and content masters are committed to growth, and will quickly become some of your absolute most favorite people - ones you can count on, and one who with who you will genuinely & intentionally connect and collaborate.


Learn what's new in the world of business, how to grow your client base, and the latest strategies to market yourself effectively. 


We offer local meetups in locations across the country and we provide carefully curated masterclasses, best practices, immediately implementable action steps.


Here you will find connection, accountability, tips, techniques, and community! We've also got some top-notch speakers and resources we will be brining exclusively to the group. 



Exclusive Access

A simple click gives you access to EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE YOU NEED to grow your business.

  • Exclusive offers and discounts on other Andree Group courses, programs, and events.

  • Access to a premier library of how-to guides including: business planning, marketing, client engagement, and more.​

  • A specially curated list of the top resources, vendors, supplies, and tools used by the community. We only include people, organizations & items we know, like and trust, and update the list often. We also offer our RENEW Community members exclusive opportunities to promote their own products and services.